Action In Uncertainty: Ideas to manage and thrive during turbulent and uncertain times

Action In Uncertainty: Ideas to manage and thrive during turbulent and uncertain times

Here is a list of best practices and ideas to help consultants not only manage but thrive during these uncertain times.

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Michael also gave a presentation on this topic. You can watch the recording here.

Here are the 20 best practices to manage and thrive in these uncertain times as a consultant:

Host a virtual workshop for your ideal clients: This can be free or paid. Part of a discovery offer or a way to get your foot in the door and demonstrate your expertise.
One of the greatest challenges we face as consultants is knowing what our ideal clients are thinking…to have a clear connection to what is going on in their mind. Right now everyone is thinking the same thing. This is an opportunity to tailor your message and make it timely and have it resonate with exactly what your future clients are thinking right now.
Be flexible when speaking with clients. We are in uncertain times. Things may change faster than you or they would like.
Reach out and interview your ideal clients. Use this for a podcast or for content (articles, videos) you’ll create.
Write to online trade publications with 1-3 topic ideas that you can write an article or host a webinar on.
Start writing that book you’ve always thought about or develop another content series.
Personally reach out and call every client (past and present) to see how they are doing. Use this as a chance to see how you can support them and if they aren’t ready to buy, don’t push. Let them know you are there to help when they are ready. And then continue reaching out and checking in.
This is a great time to stay top of mind by sharing articles, resources and other content (that you or someone else has created) with your ideal clients.
Pitch (virtual) advisory and coaching work that doesn’t require you to be on site.
Build your ecosystem with partners, vendors and others you can collaborate with.
Aim to have all payment terms upfront so you get paid in advance for the work you’ll do before you start. But be flexible depending on your situation and client relationship.
Stay physically healthy. Regardless of your situation or your location, stay active. Pushups and situps in your house. Go for a walk and get fresh air. Ride your bike. Your health is a requisite for success.
Stay mentally fit. This is a great time for deep study to up your game.
Look at what you have, not at what you don’t have. Choose to focus on the positive, not the negative.
You need to be a leader. Consciously decide and act the way you want your clients and future clients to. Be calm, patient, thoughtful and take action.
Challenging times give new perspectives. Focus on gratitude. Be thankful for what you have.
While some will stick their head in the sand and hope that things get better you will lead and push past the uncertainty to manage what is certain and that you control – your actions and positive mindset.
Always remember that turbulent times create opportunity for those that are looking for it. New IP, new content, new offers, and investments.
The best investment you can make right now is into your business, your mindset, family, health and client relationships.
There is always a silver lining. Stay strong. You’ll come out the other side further ahead.